Groups and Counselling



Writing Group

10 am – 12 midday

TUESDAY New You 2 Support Group



Chance for Change Support Group

Counselling appointments with ELCA

10:30 am – 12:30 pm



1:30 pm – 15:30 pm

10 am – 1 pm

WEDNESDAY New You Support Group



Try Something New

Counselling Service

Evening Support Group

10 am – 12 midday



1 pm – 3 pm

7 appointments available

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

THURSDAY Time for Me Support Group



Members’ Drop In

Counselling Service

Creche available

10 am – 12 midday



1 pm – 3 pm

4 appointments available

All day

FRIDAY Feel good Fridays including meditation and holistic therapies



Arts Space Drop In

1.30 pm – 3.30 pm

SATURDAY Members’ Drop In



Creche available

12 midday – 2 pm



For some sessions


LUWSC offers support through its weekly Support Groups where the members themselves define the activities and topics covered in a 12 weekly rolling programme. Link Up currently runs 5 different support groups: New You, New You2, Chance for Change, Branching Out and Time for Me (a group for women under 30 with a crèche facility).

Try Something New is, as the name implies, a group which offers members the chance to ‘try something new’. The ideas for this group come from the members themselves and the courses generally take place in 4-6 wk blocks. Past themes explored have included Aromatherapy and Hand Massage, Coping with Stress – ‘is yer heid nipping ye ?’ and ‘Food and Mood’.

All the programmes here at LUWSC offer women the opportunity to try new things, gain confidence in a supportive setting, meet other women so reducing a sense of isolation and develop positive coping strategies for ‘moving forward’.

Anybody interested in joining a group and meeting other women can give us a call and we will arrange an informal referral appointment which will allow us to discuss your needs and refer you into the right group for you.

Our group programmes are drawn up together with the members in the group – some examples of the sessions include: candle making, yoga and relaxation, discussion and information sessions as well as outings to local parks and gardens.


LUWSC has a bright, friendly crèche facility and we can provide women access to pre-school childcare for some of the services we offer including access to our Counselling Service.

The crèche is open on a Thursday and offers mothers of young children the opportunity to gain some support in a group setting, try a range of different activities and enjoy a couple of hours to focus exclusively on their support needs.

Writing Group

This is a well established writing group which is facilitated by the published author Emily Dodds.  Many members have discovered the power of the written word through this group and the therapeutic role that writing has to play.

This group runs on a Monday morning and is open to all existing members of the Centre.


Link Up Women’s Support Centre aims to run a varied programme of workshops which focus on all aspects of emotional and physical wellbeing. From

* the active – zumba classes and trips to Meadowbank Leisure Centre

* the creative – pottery, textiles and ceramic workshops

* the educational- healthy eating, rest and relaxation techniques, welfare benefit workshops

You will find more information about current and forthcoming workshops by looking on our News Page.

Complementary Therapies

LUWSC recognises the important role that complementary therapies can play in supporting emotional wellbeing and the Centre aims to teach women simple relaxation and meditation techniques and basic massage treatments.

This can then be incorporated into daily life and become an important strategy in maintaining a sense of wellbeing. Yoga and aromatherapy workshops are also regularly run and LUWSC is lucky enough to have committed volunteers currently offering both Shiatsu massage and Reiki healing.

To make a referral simply give us a call or email us or ask your GP, Social Worker, CPN, Health Visitor or whoever is supporting you to get in touch with us on your behalf. We will arrange a time to meet with you to let you know more about our services. 

Rooms for hire

Link Up has rooms to hire on the ground floor at St Margaret’s House:

  • The Willow Room – our group room which seats up to 12 people comfortably
  • The Haven Room – a smaller, tranquil, room used for counselling and therapies
  • The Squirrel’s nest – our bright, beautiful and well equipped crèche

For more information – click here